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I take joy in guiding others in finding their own unique paths to healing and in supporting their transformational journeys. I am honored to be a resource to you in learning to listen to your own inner wisdom and in creating a life that nourishes your whole being: body, mind, heart and spirit.

~Jessica Bean, ND, CDWF

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At Spiral of Life, you will find the tools, resources and expertise to support you in transforming the way you live. There are programs to assist you in creating a new relationship with your inner self and in finding the optimal ways in which to support your physical body. You will experience healing techniques that resonate throughout your whole being and insights that guide you on your path forward.

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Facilitating Daring Way™

The Daring Way™ & Rising Strong™ Programs

Learn to live a more authentic, whole-hearted life through these small-group programs based on the research of Brené Brown, PhD. Increase your self-compassion and emotional resilience and connect courageously with the people and communities around you.

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Whole-Being Bodywork

Experience Whole-Being Bodywork, which combines the subtle physical approaches of craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation, the energy work of Reiki and the spirit-level healing of shamanic practices for deep healing of your body, mind, heart and spirit.

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The Music of the Night – Time Away from the Regular Flow of Life

I am writing this from trip out to Guemes Island (which is just a 5min ferry ride off the coast of Anacortes). I arrived yesterday evening at an airy studio on an off-the-grid organic farm (check out the photos at the airbnb site – I’m sitting on the love seat next to the toasty wood stove as I write this). Here I was greeted by two things that have become unfamiliar: actual darkness (I got to renew my relationship with my night vision while unloading) and an amazing symphony of frogs in nearby ponds – I can’t remember the last time I slept with only sounds from nature rather than the hum of traffic and periodic sirens. I wanted to share the frog song, and below is a taste of the sounds that surround me. Taking time away is powerful way to see outside of everyday routines and customary ways of thinking and being. I am grateful for this time to step back and deepen my own transformation so that I may return to my regular worlds with fresh eyes and a more open... read more

Spring in Seattle…

After a decade here, it has finally stopped surprising me that spring starts to stir in January and then really gets underway in February each year. I am always grateful to see each sign that life is renewing – the softening of the trees as they begin their blossoming, the shoots from the wakening bulbs of crocuses and daffodils that reach up with their vibrant colors, and the tiny new leaves unfolding in their vivid greens from many branches. At this time of year, there are many people excitedly making plans for their gardens, in their yards, in containers, and in p-patches. We are getting ready to do the same at Alder Grove in our roof garden. As we dream of a new season of growth in the outer world, it is a wonderful time to consider what we would like to plant within ourselves for this next turning of the wheel. What would you like to harvest in the next year? How would you like this year to look different from ones past? As you move into another seasonal tradition – spring cleaning – ponder what you would like to make more room for in your life and how you can give yourself the support you need to do your own unfolding and blossoming. Wishing everyone a joyful early... read more

For Love of Honeycrisps

Just before winter begins to slide into spring in the Seattle area, I wanted to express my appreciation for the deliciousness of apples, particularly honeycrisps, which are about to end their season at the University District Farmer’s Market, my favorite place to shop (and eat) local. For those who have only been able to taste the grocery store version, when these apples are more fresh and ripe, they have a much richer flavor along with the crisp and juicy texture. They have been a wonderful snack, as well as a sautéed part of many breakfasts, over the past season. Apples are a great source of fiber, which both helps us to feel full naturally and to support optimal digestion. They also contain quercitin in their skin, a flavonoid that helps to stabilize immune cells and reduce allergies (a good idea for many people as the trees prepare to start blooming). I’ll miss the local honeycrisps, but will renew my acquaintance with fujis, braeburns and others, and look forward to my favorite apple’s return in the... read more