Seattle Area Resources

Here are a few examples of the amazing health-supporting resources available in the Seattle area.

Family Cooking

PCC Cooks

Local cooking classes fitting a variety of food tastes and dietary preferences.

View of Seattle Across Lake

Seattle Parks

Places to be outdoors throughout Seattle.

Natural Medicine & Science

Bastyr Center

Wide variety of providers, herbal & supplement dispensary and more.

Breathing Deep

Home Health Assessment

Free service from WA chapter of American Lung Association to check for respiratory health hazards in your home.

Gluten Free

Seattle Gluten Free

Gluten-free shopping and dining throughout Seattle.

Mt Rainier in Spring

WA State Parks

Connect to the natural world in WA parks.

Herbal Medicines

Dandelion Botanicals

Beautiful dispensary with a wide variety of herbs.

Holding the Earth

WA Toxics Coalition

Local group dedicated to protecting human health and the environment from the effects of toxic chemicals.