Spiral of Life

The Spiral

Spirals are beautiful patterns found in nature, including the nautilus in the sea, ferns unfolding on land and the awe-inspiring galaxies above us. One of the most ancient human symbols, they are found in cultures from around the globe, with some instances dating back more than five millennia. The spiral connects us to the mystery of the universe, to the spiritual source that we each draw from, and to the creativity and transformation that allows us to keep evolving throughout our lives.

Center of Spiral

You are at the Center of the Spiral of Your Life

The person that you spend the most time with is you. There is no one in the world that has a bigger impact on your life. The relationship you have with your inner self impacts every other relationship in your world. We often fall into the trap of believing that we can be kind and compassionate to others while judging and shaming ourselves. It turns out that when we build the pattern of criticizing ourselves, we inevitably have similar thoughts about others, and those judgments come through to the people with whom we share our lives.

As you create a compassionate and loving relationship within yourself, that love and compassion spirals out and touches all of the other relationships in your life: your relationships with your body, your daily activities, your friends and family, your communities, your work and Spirit. When you reshape an inner world that had been inhabited by criticism and self-reproach, you will find infinitely more room to be genuinely present in each moment and to experience the joy of being alive. Through this vibrant new way of being, you will be able to thrive as your authentic self.

Eagle Soaring


I support and empower people in making transformative changes in their inner and outer worlds so they can bring their unique gifts and talents to the world around them and so they can experience greater joy, connection, fulfillment, and wellbeing on all levels.


All people will cultivate deep compassion and love for their authentic selves that spirals out to nourish joyful relationships with their bodies, life choices, friends, families, communities, work and spiritual source, creating a more vibrant, peaceful and connected world.

Spiral of Life Transformative Natural Medicine

At Spiral of Life, you will find the tools, resources and expertise to support you in transforming the way you live. There are programs to assist you in creating a new relationship with your inner self and in building deeper and more fulfilling relationships with the people around you. You will experience healing techniques that resonate throughout your whole being and insights that guide you on your path forward.

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