Mindfulness, Meditation & Prayer


More and more research has demonstrated the importance of the connection between the mind and the body. This relationship not only impacts emotional health, but can also have important effects on physical health as well. These insights have brought fresh interest to practices that go back for millennia. Below are examples of how these techniques are applied at Spiral of Life.



Mindfulness has received a lot of press in recent years. It is an approach to meditation but also an approach to living – it is the act of staying present in each moment. Really being present is often more challenging than it sounds as we are so easily swept away toward memories of the past or projections about the future. Mindfulness allows you to step back from these currents and become a compassionate observer of your own thoughts, feelings and experiences. This practice can be key not only in changing your everyday experiences but also opens the door to insights that allow you to perceive your own patterns and empowers you to change them.



Meditation allows you to find a period of calm, quiet and focus in a world that tends to inundate us with messages and experiences. It is of great value to build restorative pauses into your life; this way you can bring more serenity and clarity into everything you do. Mindfulness can be used as a simple meditation technique: you can experience this by taking a period of time to practice focusing on your breath (and allowing other thoughts to flow past without attaching to them). There are also a myriad of other forms of meditation available, allowing you to find a practice that fits well for you.

Prayer, Affirmations & Poetry


Words are powerful, and harnessing their energy in your life can be an invaluable way to make positive changes. Prayers call on Spirit (in whatever form you resonate with) for support – this may be through elaborate words read or memorized or may be extemporized in the moment. We ask the divine for assistance in our lives, in those of loved ones and for the wider world. Affirmations are another potent use of words. These “I” statements are a way to tell all levels of your being about change that you are creating and bring forward the potential of your subconscious self. Poetry is another way in which the power of language can be seen. Reading a poem that inspires you aloud can call forth positive shifts in your life. Together these three uses of the magic of words contribute to practices that can change how you experience each day.

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