Shamanic Healing Practices


Though most people in North America would associate it with Native American culture, the word “shaman” most likely originates from the language of an indigenous group in Siberia (the Evenki people). In the 21st century, it can refer to indigenous healing practices from all corners of the world. These practices are brought together by a belief that the shamanic practitioner acts as an intermediary between the seen and unseen worlds, assisting those who seek their help not only to heal on a physical level but also to gain in insight, wisdom and healing on emotional and spiritual levels as well. These traditions also hold a deep respect for the earth and all inhabitants of the natural world.

In my studies with my shamanic teacher, Char Sundust, wisdom and practices from cultures around the world are embraced. Shamanism in this form is not a religion, but rather a spiritual orientation and collection of sacred practices. This allows it to be very inclusive, and practitioners integrate their learning with their individual spiritual paths, including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Paganism, and many more. At Spiral of Life all paths to the divine are held as sacred, and each person’s beliefs are deeply honored. Whatever religious or spiritual path nourishes your spirit, you will be welcomed.

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Foundational Practices


These are individual practices that you can explore to support your spiritual wellbeing:

  • Prayers & Affirmations: As described elsewhere in this tab, prayers and affirmations help you to truly bring the power of words and intention into your life.
  • Grounding & Centering: These practices help you to stay energetically rooted in the earth and centered in your spirit, allowing you to be more steady amongst all the winds of your life.
  • Protections & Shielding:  These are practices that support clear boundaries in your life and separation from any unwanted energies and intentions from others.
Healing Practices

Here are the two main shamanic components of the Whole-Being Bodywork treatments. The sacred tools listed below are also sometimes used in these treatments.

  • Extraction Work: This allows for the energetic removal of patterns, thoughts and energies from the past that no longer serve your highest good.
  • Visioning Work: This brings forth intuitive insights to spark your creativity and help to guide you forward on your path.
Sacred Tools


Shamanic tools are used in healing practices, intuitive work, protection, and meditation. At Spiral of Life I create unique and beautiful tools using the sacred medicine of trees, animals, birds and the earth. Contact me for more information on custom creations and upcoming shows.

  • Bells: The bell creates a beautiful and purifying sound, bringing us back to our true calling. This is an instrument associated with the east, the direction of vision and intuition.
  • Drums: The drumbeat is the sacred heartbeat of the earth and can be a guide in journey and visioning work. This is an instrument of the south, the direction of healing and transformation.
  • Click Sticks: The clicking of two sticks helps to call on the wisdom of our ancestors and to symbolically break patterns that no longer serve us. This is an instrument of the west, the direction of emotion and wisdom.
  • Rattles: The sound of the rattle is used to call us home, to bring back pieces of ourselves that we have lost along the way. This is an instrument of the north, the direction of strength and leadership.
  • Wands & Meditation Tools: These tools incorporate tree medicine with crystals and/or feathers to support centering, grounding and meditation work.
  • Feathers: The medicine of birds is very sacred and connects us to spirit. Each species has unique affinities, and feathers may be incorporated into other medicine objects or used on their own.
  • Crystals: These are the medicine of the earth and have resonances that depend on their color, type and shape; crystals are used to support many types of energetic change.

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