Fees & Insurance

Current Fees

Whole-Being Bodywork:

  • 60min Visit: $90

  • Package of 5 Visits: $400 (Save $50!)

  • Package of 10 Visits: $750 (Save $150!)

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Insurance Coverage

I started my private practice as a general practitioner working with patients across the age and health condition spectrums. In order to be an in-network provider under local insurance plans, I chose to conform to more conventional norms around diagnosis, treatment and visit structure. While patient symptoms improved, I had a growing sense that I was not reaching the deeper causes of ill health within this restrictive framework. I also became increasingly weary of the model of recommending multiple supplements instead of focusing on supporting my patients in making more meaningful health changes.

This led to a decision to break out of the more conventional patterns practices and look more deeply at treatments that reach the mind, heart and spirit, as well as the components that make up the foundation of physical health. This journey brought me to the approaches you can find in the Explore tab and elsewhere within the Transform tab. As a result, I chose to end my contracts with insurance companies in early March 2015 so that I can have the flexibility to provide the best possible care to my clients. For those with out-of-network coverage for bodywork, I can provide a superbill on request to submit to insurance for relevant services. Please note that the Daring Way™ and Rising Strong™ programs are not recognized by insurance and are not covered.