The Music of the Night – Time Away from the Regular Flow of Life

I am writing this from a trip out to Guemes Island (which is just a 5min ferry ride off the coast of Anacortes). I arrived yesterday evening at an airy studio on an off-the-grid organic farm (check out the photos at the airbnb site – I’m sitting on the love seat next to the toasty wood stove as I write this). Here I was greeted by two things that have become unfamiliar: actual darkness (I got to renew my relationship with my night vision while unloading) and an amazing symphony of frogs in nearby ponds – I can’t remember the last time I slept with only sounds from nature rather than the hum of traffic and periodic sirens. I wanted to share the frog song, and below is a taste of the sounds that surround me.

Taking time away is a powerful way to see outside of everyday routines and customary ways of thinking and being. I am grateful for this time to step back and deepen my own transformation so that I may return to my regular worlds with fresh eyes and a more open heart.